Cowboy Church Christian Bass Club 2015 Central Division Tournament Recap 


Decker – May 9, 2015


Message Decker CCBC 05-09-15

Story about children & those that are expected to be all they can be & those that are not.

We have talked about strengthening our spirit Psalms 34 so we can go out & make disciples for Christ Mathew 28:16-20. Galatians 6:1-10

Today I would like to talk about Ezekiel 3:16-19 as we grow in the word not only are we called to spread the good news of the gospel, The Lord demands it. There are consequences if we do not Mathew 25:14-30.  There are also consequences if we do Mathew 5:10 & John 15:18-20 the fact is we will be persecuted for standing up for God. The Lord Loves us like we Love our children but he has expectation for us to grow his kingdom & glorify him not ourselves. We as parents are proud of them when they choose to do right over wrong & so God is also proud of us when we do his will & not what is popular at the time.


Austin – March 14, 2015   


Lake Austin Central results


1st Toby Turner & Gus Chavira 12.02

2nd Bob Reed & Mike Sedillo 7.99

3rd Mark P. Nowell & Bruce W. Shuler 5.91

4th Charley David 5.14

5th Jonathan Hankins & Roger Hankins 3.29

Congratulations to all!

The message was on following the guidance of our Holy Spirit & fighting against our sin. God forgives us our sins but never condones them. It is our duty as Christ followers to respect his sacrifice by trying to be as much like him as we can.



LBJ – February 21, 2015   


Results from Central CCBC @ LBJ

1st Bob Reed & Mike Sedillo with 8.27
2nd Toby Turner & Jerrie Casey with 8.00
3rd Charley David & Kyle Barfield with 6.99
4th Earl & Leisha Loggains with 6.67
5th Kyle Brink solo with 6.32
BB was Mike Sedillo with 4.09

The winning pattern was Flukes around docks.
Other pattern were jigs around docks, Alabama rigs,
Mojo rigs, cranking rock, Carolina rig in 15 to 30 ft.
Best colors were green pumpkin, black & blue, watermelon seed.

The message was on Jon 14:23-27.
We discussed how once we receive the Holy Spirit he lives in us to lead & direct us & how we sometimes need to get still & seek his guidance & listen to the small voice in us. We talked about how the Lord had defeated sin & even though we still sin sin has no power over us & rolls off of our backs like water off a ducks back when we ask for forgiveness.



For more information about the Bass Club email or contact Charley David at 214-878-3354



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