Cowboy Church Christian Bass Club 2013 Tournament Recap


2013 End of the Year Banquet - October 26, 2013

Congratulations to Jim Love! He received the Sportsman of the Year award.

We had a great turnout. Gary delivered an inspiring sermon about right and wrong, rules, and situations where there is an impasse. The main point was that being right is overrated and we should focus more on love, unity, and forgiveness. 

There was plenty of Rick Dawson's famous BBQ, plus pot luck sides and desserts.


All bass club members received 5 raffles tickets. Additional tickets were sold for a $1 each and all the proceeds went to the Red Oak High School Bass Club.  Everyone won something and many took home loads of tackle, rods, and reels.  Big thanks to Southwest Parts and Charley and Donna for organizing the and setting up the banquet.  A total of $185 was raised for Red Oak club.



The Classic on Mt. Creek Lake - October 12-13 2013

Congratulations to Brandon Wooddell and George Walker
!  They came from behind on day 2 to take the win.  Brandon said that they started out both mornings at the power plant where they picked up a few keepers.  During the day they found their bass flipping the grass in Cottonwood Creek and along the runway. Their key bait was a beaver.  Second big bass of the tournament and 1st place team nets them a whopping $1640.00 payday.

Hunter Coslin catches the Big Bass of the tournament!  His 4.42 pound chunk was good for $231.00 and that anchored a 4th place team win with his dad.  Darren Coslin said they caught the bass that were nosed into the rocks on the dam.  To catch them he said you had to land your bait right at the edge where the dry rock and water meet.  Their total take-home was $460.00.


The Mt.Creek boat ramp parking lot is a known hangout for the prostitutes, drug dealers, and the less fortunate. Thanks to Jim Love and Sam David we didn't have to worry about our trucks while we fished. This was our opportunity as a club to be a positive example in an area that was out of our comfort zone.   

Only one of the two ramps lanes were open.  It's a flat ramp and George Walker, Tommy Steward, and a few others guided the teams on the concrete pad out into the lake. Since the slope was gradual, you had to back your truck way out....far enough that the front truck tires are in the water and are a couple of feet from the bank.  There was only a few spots to beach your boat next to the ramp and knowing this ahead of time, Charley had a plan for our take off each morning and it all worked out.

The lake was about 1/2 a foot high and a little murky. The water temp was 75-79.

Day 1 - Sunny, very hot and humid. Air temp 77-91. The barometric pressure slowly rose from 29.89 to 30.00 around, then it fell fast back down to 39.90. The winds were calm to 12 mph out of the South, SSW, and SW.  We fished from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm

Day 2 - Cloudy. Air Temp 70-75.  The barometric pressure rose from 30.10 to 30.21 then it fell fast back down to 30.11. The winds were 6-10 mph out of the NE, ESE, and East.  We fished from 7:00 am to 2:30 pm.  Charley had a grill loaded with hotlinks and hamburgers for the club.


Day 1 - 18 teams fished
Day 1 - 5 limits were caught (a limit is 5 bass 14 inches or over).
Day 1 - 3 teams zeroed
Day 2 - 14 teams fished
Day 2 - 7 limits were caught (a limit is 5 bass 14 inches or over).
Day 2 - 0 teams zeroed
91 fish were weighed in with a total weight of 203.89 pounds
2.26 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: George Walker and Brandon Wooddell......27.49-lb   $1,500.00 
2nd place: Mike Thurman and Joe Lee.......................24.46-lb      $372.00
3rd place: Ben Griffin and Steve Reynolds.................19.97-lb      $300.00
4th place: Darren Coslin and Hunter Coslin................18.20-lb      $229.00 
5th place: Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden...................18.17-lb     $157.00

1st Big Bass: Hunter Coslin..................4.41-lb   $231.00
2nd Big Bass: Brandon Wooddell.........3.98-lb   $140.00

Full results:   (click on "Classic at the bottom of the spreadsheet)


Slide Show:  


It was crowded at the dam..........Most everyone caught at least 1 drum, some caught several.......Joe Lee caught a 20-lb flat head catfish by the boathouse........Jon Griffin could not fish this one, he was traveling back from a mission trip in Nicaragua.......Doyle Ray had a bad arm sprain and that cost him several hooked fish......The Barfields and Loves were at a family reunion..........Some of the teams were deer hunting.......2nd place (Mike Thurman / Joe Lee) caught their bass on square bills and speedcraws next to the rocks........3rd place (Ben Griffin / Steve Reynolds) caught their bass on Rattlesnakes and flukes at the dam........4 place (Darren Coslin / Hunter Coslin) caught their bass on square bills on the rocks............5th place (Joe Crouch / Darrell Walden) caught their bass on senkos at the dam......This was the last tournament of the year.


Chris Maddox delivered the sermon.  It was about focusing on the positive in a negative world.  He gave his personal testimony about when he broke his back 14 years ago at the age of 22 and how a positive outlook made all the difference. 

Chris then read a story about a guy name Michael who fell 60 feet from a communications tower ( ). Michael lived, thanks to his amazing attitude and the skill of his doctors.

Some of the key points were.....

"Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or...I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it."

"Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their complaining or... I can point out the positive side of life, choose the positive side of life."

"Life is all about choices. When you cut away all the junk, every situation is a choice.  You choose how you react to situations. You choose how people affect your mood. You choose to be in a good mood or bad mood.  The bottom line: It's your choice how you live your life."

Chris then quoted Matthew 6:34
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

We then launched our boats and headed out on the lake.


Many of the locals enjoyed watching the fish being weighed in....and several stayed to hear Jon Griffin's message while we were waiting for Donna to finalize the tournament results.  Jon told us about his mission trip to Nicaragua.  He had some amazing stories about the country and how God was with them on the trip. 



Tyler - September 21, 2013    6:30 am - 3:30 pm

Congratulations Ben Griffin and Steve Reynolds! Throwing light line and flipping boat docks put them ahead of the rest of the field.  Their most productive plastics baits were Red bug colored and enabled them to sack up 8.73 pounds and take home $331.00

Charley David caught the winning big bass of the tournament by flipping docks with beaver baits. It took him awhile to figure out a pattern and once he did, he and Donna caught enough to take 5th place.  Big bass plus 5th nets them $160.00.


Jon Griffin
and Al Kohutek sack up 66.78 pounds averaging 8.34 pounds per tournament to take the title.  Every fish that was caught was key because they only beat the 2 time champions, Brandon Wooddell and George Walker by .47 pounds. A 20+ pound sack in March helped them recover from a poor February showing at Palestine, but even with the giant March sack, they never led the pack until after the last tournament of the year.   Besides Brandon and George, Charlie & Donna David, and Bryan & Kyle Barfield were contenders going into the last tournament of the year.   

Congratulations to the Top Ten teams who get free entry into the year-end Classic tournament. 


Heavy rains the day before caused the lake to rise .39 feet during the tournament.  The lake was about 5-ft. low.  A cold front kept the air temp low.  At kickoff it was 67 and 81 at the weigh-in.  The water temperature was 80.  The skies were cloudy until about noon.  The winds blew out of the North and NNE  8-15 with gusts to 23. There was a Harvest moon the night before.  The barometric pressure started out at 29.89 climbed to 29.93 at 11:00 am, then started falling to 29.85.  The water clarity was normal in the lower lake but the upper lake had clouds of muddy water rolling in from the rains the night before.  We used the Hill Creek ramp.  It was perfect for our tournament and had plenty of shade.  Some trucks had to park on the side of the road. It was perfect Fall fishing weather.    


22 teams fished
13 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
3 teams zeroed
48 fish were weighed in with a weight of 117.45 pounds
2.44 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: Ben Griffin and Steve Reynolds................8.73-lb   $331.00
2nd place: Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden..............8.32-lb   $192.00
3rd place: David Butler and Gene Dodson...............8.05-lb   $115.00
4th place: Darren Coslin and Hunter Coslin..............7.82-lb     $77.00
5th place: Charley David and Donna David..............7.81-lb     $53.00
Big Bass: Charley David.........................4.57-lb   $110.00

Full results:   (see the Tyler tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

Slide show:
Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


The 2nd place team (Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden), caught their bass on blue sapphire c-rigs.......The 3rd place team (David Butler and Gene Dodson) caught their bass flipping docks.................4th place team (Darren Coslin and Hunter Coslin) caught their bass on square bills and chatter baits......Joe Crouch fell out of the boat. Good thing he had a waterproof cover for this cell phone.......Al and Jon caught their bass on green pumpkin c-rigged creature baits and twin tails Texas rigged.......Most everyone caught lots of short fish.........Jon Griffin bent his prop shaft at Cedar Creek and had trouble getting on plane at the kickoff. After he got going and made it to his first spot, he found someone was already fishing his hole.................Everyone enjoyed the cool weather!  


Congratulation to Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden!  They win the head-to-head championship!

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:   


Darrell Walden led a devotional about praying for your enemies.  He told us a personal story about a friendship that soured.  I won't get into details but the confrontations between Darrell and his now ex friend, had severely escalated and were almost weekly.  The confrontations had been going on for about a year.   

Darrell said everything changed when he started to pray for this person. God heard his prayers, things changed, and peace overcame him. Remarkably they are now friends again.

Darrell highly encouraged all of to pray for our enemies.          

He then backed it up with scripture and read:

James 5:16
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Proverbs 15:1
A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Joe then closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed.

Texoma - August 24, 2013    5:30 am - 2:00 pm

Congratulations Gene Collins and Daryle Hester! It was a tough bite but Gene and Daryle were able to sack up 9 pounds on black and blue jigs and flukes.  Total take home was $346.00.

The big bass of the tournament was caught by Jon Griffin.  It was worth $115.00! Jon caught the bass in the dark on a chug bug next to Ross Perot's boat house.  He caught one other bass under a rickety old steel dock closest to the boat ramp.  


A heavy thunderstorm passed over the lower lake the night before. The air temp at kickoff was 73 and 95 at the weigh-in.  The water temperature was 82-84.  The skies were clear.   The winds blew out of the East 0-10 mph. There was almost a full moon the night before.  The barometric pressure started out at 30.04 climbed to 30.11 at 11:00 am, then started falling.  The water clarity was normal.  The lake level 1/4 of a foot high. The US Army Corps of Engineers were letting mass amounts of water out at the dam and the lake has been dropping all week.  The majority of the bass weighed in were smallmouths.          


23 teams fished
12 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
3 teams zeroed
47 fish were weighed in with a weight of 99.70 pounds
2.12 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: Gene Collins and Daryle Hester..................9.05-lb  $346.15
2nd place: Jeff Harrington and Rick Newton...............7.87-lb . $201.25
3rd place: Bryan Barfield and Kyle Barfield................7.43-lb.  $120.75
4th place: Neal Derden and Joshua Derden.................6.96-lb     $80.50
5th place: Ted Teegarden and Randy Mercer .............6.70-lb     $56.35

Big Bass: Jon Griffin.................4.76-lb  $115.00

Full results:   (see the Texoma tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

Slide show:

Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


The 2nd place team (Jeff Harrington and Rick Newton), caught their bass in the marinas by flip shaking and drop shots...............The 3rd place team (Bryan Barfield and Kyle Barfield) caught their bass on buzz baits, chatter baits, and brush hogs..................4th place team (Neal Derden and Joshua Derden) caught their bass in main lake pockets up in the flooded weeds on Texas rigged red and green worms.................5th place team (Ted Teegarden and Randy Mercer) caught their keepers on worms in the flooded weeds............Brandon and George (in the lead for AOY) caught most of their bass on the dam......Tim Casbeer caught a nice smallmouth on a Texas rigged worm near the boat ramp and he also caught a trophy size striper.........Reggie found dock where the striper guides hand feed pet bass, but he was only able to hook up one small fish...............Joe Chancey and Bud Benner caught about 13 smallmouth from Eisenhower marina around the big boulders down to the pump station using Alabama rigs and chatter baits.......JD Foster caught his big bass on a pop-R around 1:50 pm on the dam.......Charley and Donna were in the lead for AOY, but they zeroed and fell to 3rd.......A lot of teams upgraded in the last 30 minutes of the tournament.  


Joe Chancy , Albert Love & Charley David brought us shade.  Sam David, Charley, Donna, Joe Lee, Mike and the Loves used valuable fishing time to setup the weigh-in site.   Because of them we were very comfortable and out of the hot summer sun. 


Congratulations to Albert Love and Matthew Love! They boated 6.18 and beat Doyle Ray. Albert and Matthew get free entry in the August tournament. 

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:     

At the next tournament, all the Head-to-Head winner will compete for the Head-to-Head championship.


Donna David led a devotional about forgiveness.  She started out with a powerful testimony of tragic events in her life and how later at a women's retreat, she found scripture that helped her cope with the events.  She read...

Deuteronomy 31:6
"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Donna shared the details with us at the weigh-in and encouraged us all to forgive.  She read...  

Colossians 3:13
Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Donna challenged us to give everything up to the Lord and once we do and forgive, our burdens are lifted and we will have peace.

It was a moving testimony and I know the Holy Spirit was among us at the boat ramp on Lake Texoma.      
After the devo, Charlie said he was blessed.  He announced the winners, they were paid, then Jon Griffin closed with a prayer and we were dismissed.

Cedar Creek Lake - July 27, 2013    5:30 am - 2:00 pm

Congratulations to Charley and Donna David!
  They take first place with 19.82 pounds.  In addition, they caught the big bass of the tournament, won the Head-to-Head competition, and their 3 fish sack is the 3rd best in club's record books.  To top it off, this husband and wife team are now leading the club in total points even though their time on the water is always cut short because of all the operational duties that they perform while everyone else is out on the lake fishing.        

Charley said they caught the winning fish off rocks, fishing between the launch site and the dam.  They threw a black and blue jig and caught some of their keeper bass early in the morning and one later in the day.  Their total winnings were $680.00!              


The conditions could not have been better.  A rare July cold front blew in and kept the air temperature below 80.  The low temp was 73 and the high temp was 79.  The water temperature was 83.  The skies were overcast with sprinkles and mist. The sun came out during the last hour of the tournament making it hot at the weigh-in.  The winds blew out of the North and NNE 8-12 mph with gusts up to 16 mph making it rough at the dam.   There was almost a full moon the night before (Waning Gibbous).  The barometric pressure started out at 29.94 climbed to 30.00 at 1:30 pm, then started falling.  The water clarity was normal.  The lake level 4.88 feet low.  Most of the boat docks had dry land or very little water under them.  The ramp at Log Cabin was in great condition and there were plenty of places to beach your boat, but the truck/trailer parking was horrible. Several of the teams lodged at the Kamman's Exxon & Motel. The rooms were big and setup perfect for tournament fishermen.  Kamman's has a 24-hr convenience store & tackle shop on site and is located a 1/2 mile from the boat ramp.       


33 teams fished
20 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
5 teams zeroed
69 fish were weighed in with a weight of 195.76 pounds
2.83 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: Charley David and Donna David.........19.82-lb  $496.65
2nd place: Joe Chancey and Bud Benner.............11.15-lb  $288.75
3rd place: Kevin Davis and Byron McFarland....11.02-lb.  $214.50
4th place: Tim Guest and David Burch.................10.88-lb  $115.50
5th place: Al Kohutek and Jon Griffin..................10.87-lb    $80.85

Big Bass #1: Charley David...................7.55-lb  $123.75
Big Bass #2: Kevin Davis.......................7.06-lb    $41.25

Full results:  (see the Cedar tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

Slide show:

Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


The 2nd place team (Joe Chancey & Bud Benner), caught their bass on jigs. Their big bass was caught at 10 am...........The 3rd place team (Kevin Davis & Byron McFarland) should have placed 2nd, but because of a dead fish penalty, they got bumped down to 3rd. They also boated the 2nd big bass of the tournament.  Kevin and Byron stumbled on their fish catching pattern by accident.  Fishing next to a giant flock of cormorants, they found that the shad were trying to get away from the cormorants and were cornered right next to the bank.  The bigger bass were feeding on these shad in the very shallow water.  They caught all their keeper bass by throwing chatter baits in the shad next to the bank. You can see the cormorants in a video that Al posted on the club's facebook members private group..................4th place team (Tim Guest & David Burch) beat the 5th place team (Jon & Al) by only one-hundredth of a pound.  It was as close to a tie as you can get! They caught their bass on c-rigs............5th place team (Al Kohutek & Jon Griffin) caught 1 of their keepers on an watermelon red x-large Senko in 2 foot of water.  The other two keepers were caught on a Texas rigged baits.  They found bass feeding on bluegill right next to the bank in 1/2 to 3-ft of water.  Their biggest bass was caught in just 1 foot of water.  They caught about 15 bass total and the majority of them were caught in the Clear Creek section of the lake............Brandon Wooddell hooked a giant blue cat on a swim bait on the dam.........Noah Ray caught a nice flat head catfish on the dam......Brad Dale caught a hybrid and a big drum......Reggie said little catfish were everywhere nipping at his baits…….James Cook caught some great bass during practice but could not hook up on tournament day…......Al Kohutek hooked a big gar that jumped and broke his line......There are only 2 more points tournaments left this year. The next tournament will be on Lake Texoma.


Congratulations to Charley David and Donna David! They boated 19.82-lbs and beat Randy Crabb and Chalie CorvaiaCharley and Donna David get free entry in the August tournament on Lake Texoma.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:    


Jon Griffin led the lake side devotional.  He started out by telling us about his adventures working as an adult leader at his church youth camp.  He said the kids studied and memorized bible verses and he hoped we as a group of men might have one of his favorite verses memorized by the end of his devo.  He quoted…

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Throughout our life experiences, whether good or bad, we should all realize we are a vital part of God’s plans.  Plans are what need to occur before the ultimate result. 
Jon then told us about several real life examples:
* Jon's First Baptist Church in Irving and their search for a new pastor after their beloved pastor accepted a position in Waco. 
* The turnaround of Al's church at South Mac Church of Christ in Irving, new pastors and new building. 
* Jon's niece’s car accident. 
* And finally, the story of our own bass club’s Brandon Wooddell & wife Kristi being told they could never have children.  When God did amazingly bless them with a son, they discovered between Luke’s 1st & 2nd year that he was hearing impaired.  God’s plan continues to work in the Wooddell’s family and they continue to be a giant blessing for other parents experiencing similar challenges. 
Jon then asked the group how we ourselves can begin to recognize God’s plan for us?   
The answer is quite clear in the following verses from....

Jeremiah 29:12-14
Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord
Charlie announced the winners, they were paid, then he closed with a prayer and we were dismissed.

Fork - June 22, 2013    6:00 am - 3:30 pm

James and Eric Cook win the triple crown!  They sack up 14.99 pounds for a first place win, caught the big bass of the tournament weighing in at 11.27 pounds, and they win the Head-to-Head.  Total winnings was $561.25 (1st Place $376.25 + BB $125 + Head to Head $60).  James caught the big bass on a green pumpkin jig at 10:30 AM on a hump in 13 foot of water.


The air temperature was 77-91.  The water temperature was 86-88.  The skies were clear. The winds blew out of the south 10-15 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. There was a supermoon (big and close to the earth).  The barometric pressure started out at 30.04 climbing to 30.09 at 10:35 am then stayed flat until 12:35 pm, falling to 30.03 by the end of the tournament.  The water clarity seemed murky to normal and the lake level was 4.56 feet low.  Almost all the boat docks were dry or only had a few inches of water under them.  There was some grass in the back of Birch creek.  Most teams reported catching a good number of slot bass, some teams had trouble catching unders, and only 1 team caught an over.


25 teams fished
15 limits were caught (Slot lake - a limit is three bass 16 inches or under with only one at 24 inches or greater)
3 teams zeroed
57 fish were weighed in with a weight of 86.43 pounds
1.51 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: Eric and James Cook............................................14.99-lb  $376.25
2nd place: Randy Crabb and Charlie Corvaia.........................5.94-lb  $218.75
3rd place: Al Kohutek and Jon Griffin.....................................5.42-lb  $131.25
4th place: Kevin Davis and Byron McFarland.........................5.40-lb  $87.50
5th place: Bryan Barfield and Kyle Barfield.............................5.10-lb  $61.25

Big Bass: James Cook...................................11.27-lb  $125.00

Full results:  (see the Fork tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

Slide show:

Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


Al and Jon were fishing off shore when a snake climbed up the emergency ladder in the boat.  It decided to leave after Al grabbed it's tail...........James Cook's fish is now the big bass of the year.  He bumped Brandon out of the hot seat.......Joe Crouch forgot the lake was off limits last week so he had to sit this one out............Doyle Ray's boat rubbed against a tree and it broke his windshield............2nd place team caught their fish on buzz baits and blue fleck worms in Lake Fork Creek........3rd place team caught their bass on C-rigged Strike King 3X Elaztech shad color flukes on a rise in Caney Creek............4th place team caught their fish on buzz baits and worm in the pads..........5th place team found some schooling fish and caught them on zara spooks........Brandon Wooddell had one that was a 1/8 inch under the 24 inch mark, if it would have measured it would have really put them way out in the points standings.


Congratulations to Eric and James Cook! They boated 14.99-lbs and beat Darren and Hunter Coslin.  Eric and James get free entry in the July tournament on Cedar Creek.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:   


Reggie Stewart led the devotional.  His message was a testimony about Tommy's baptism.  He said it takes an average of 40 Christians and 1 year to lead just one person to Christ.  It was a combination of the guys in the bass club, the Palmer Cowboy Church, and the Ellis County Cowboy Church that influenced his decision to accept Christ as his savior.

He said one of the barriers to being baptized is that people often think that their past prevents them from being baptized or they sometimes think that they are not good enough.

Reggie then told us a story based on Max Lucado's mythical village called Wemmick.  It was a place where the people received gold stars for doing good and gray dots for doing bad and everyone could see the dots and stars and tell if a person was doing bad or good.   The point of the story was man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.  It's based on 1 Samuel 16:7

But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Reggie then read:   

Acts 3:19
Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Guest Speaker - Mark Pack

After the devo, Mark Pack spoke to the club.  He had so much info about Fork that I was unable to write it all down.  I also might have misquoted some of what he said, so if something does not look right, then it's probably my fault.  Here are a few highlights: 

* Lake Fork is is Lowland lake and Mark explained the different lake types........Highland lakes are lakes like Whitney, Texoma, & Belton, and there are Tidal lakes, Natural Lake/River and so on.

* Right now the big bass are deep and can be found in water as deep as 40 ft, but very soon the lake will develop a thermocline and that will force the big bass up to 20 or 22 feet. 

* If bass are on a hump, most of the time they will be on the steepest side of the hump.

* Using your graph - not all fish showing up are bass.  Sandbass have pointed arches and bass have rounded arches.  Sandbass will show up as red and bass will show up as yellow.  Sandbass show ups in a big group and bass are scattered.

* If you are using a C-rig, shake it a lot and knock the weight into the bead.  If the bass are suspended, the ticking sound will cause the bass to dive down and look at produces more hookups.

* In July the bass will move up over the thermocline and suspend.  When using a jig, count to 10 and pop it, reel, then puts the jig in the zone where the bass are. 

* In the fall hit the mouths of the creeks - spoons are good

* After December 21st go midway back in the creeks

* In February look for warm pockets and secondary points. Looks for gangs of fish and big schools

* In the spring hit main lake windy points.  Looks for shell beds on the points. Crawfish like the beds and it attracts the bass.

* In March and May look for the shad spawns.  Gray herons stacked up on the points will be your indicator that the spawn is happening.

After Mark spoke, Charley closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed.


Athens - May 18, 2013    6:15 am - 3:30 pm

George Walker seals the deal on a 1st place victory with a 7.63 pound "OVER"!  He and Brandon Wooddell sack up 9.82 pounds and take home $675.00. Their first keeper was the big one.  It was netted at 9:00 am and was caught on a Carolina rigged fluke.  Their other 2 keepers were caught on a crank bait and a shaky head.  Catching the "OVER" bass was huge in regards to the AOY standings.  They are stomping the rest of the field with a 9.32 pound lead in the overall AOY point race.  Congratulations Brandon and George!


The air temperature was 69-89.  The water temperature was 73-79.  It never rained, but at times the humidity hit 100%. The skies were overcast in the morning and sunny in the afternoon. The winds blew out of the south 10-13 mph with gusts up to 19 mph. There was half moon the night before. The barometric pressure started out at 29.89 climbing to 29.94 at 10:00 am then fell to 29.86 by the end of the tournament.  The water clarity was clear and the lake level was a couple of feet low.  The lake had grass everywhere. There was 1 reports of bedding bass but most had already spawned.  All the teams reported catching lots of slot bass.   


36 teams fished
17 limits were caught (This is a slot lake - a limit is three bass 14 inches or under with only one at 21 inches or greater)
7 teams zeroed
71 fish were weighed in with a weight of 92.29 pounds
1.29 pounds was the average fish weight

1st place: George Walker & Brandon Wooddell...................9.82-lb  $541.00
2nd place: Dondi MarkgrafKirk Markgraf.....................9.62-lb  $315.00
3rd place: James Cook & Eric Cook......................................6.75-lb  $189.00
4th place: Joe Chancy & Bud Benner....................................6.46-lb  $126.00
5th place: Garrett Thomas & Bo Johnson..............................4.90-lb    $88.00

1st Big Bass: George Walker...................................7.63-lb  $135.00
2nd Big Bass: Dondi Markgraf................................7.450-lb  $45.00

Full results:  (see the Athens tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

Slide show:

Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


Slot lakes are tough on the TD and sometimes tough on teams who have bass that are close to the 14 inch mark.  Three teams decided to use the courtesy board provided by the club TD to measure their bass that were close to the 14 inch line.  The bass were legal at the time of the check, but the bass must have relaxed in the weigh-in bag while the teams waited in line for their turn at the scales. The relaxed bass expanded causing the length to increase just enough to push them over the 14 inch mark and that caused a penalty for 2 of the teams. This could happen to anyone who weighs in a fish that's right on the line.  Shrinkage and expansion is unpredictable and over the years this has knocked out even some of our best teams, including several in leadership positions.  It's tough on the TD because we are all friends and no one likes to DQ your friend's bass.............. Dondi MarkgrafKirk Markgraf took 2nd. Their "OVER" was caught on the 3rd cast of the morning using a swim bait and their "UNDERS" were caught on a senkos..........James Cook & Eric Cook took 3rd place.  Their "OVER" bass was caught at 3:00 pm on a red bug trick worm and their "UNDERS" were caught on finesse worms and flukes.........Joe Chancy & Bud Benner took 4th place. Their "OVER" was caught at 1:00 pm on a C-rig and their "UNDERS" were caught on buzz baits and senkos........Garrett Thomas & Bo Johnson took 5th.  Their "OVER" was caught at 11:30 am on a C-rig and their "UNDERS" were caught on shaky heads and split shot flukes.......Jon Griffin got his iphone wet while trying to help revive George's big bass.......Brandon Wooddell caught a 10 pound catfish.....We are halfway through the season. 4 down, 4 to go.     


Congratulations to Bryan and Kyle Barfield! They boated 3.14-lbs and beat Kenneth Mahone and Brent Edwards.  Kyle and Bryan get free entry in the June tournament on Lake Fork.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:    


Joe Crouch led the devotional.  His message was about prayer and signs from God and his personal testimony on how he became a believer.  He started us off by reading 3 scriptures.  

Luke 11:1
One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17
pray continually,

Luke 11:10
For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

Joe said he was 13 years old when he was saved and told us how it happened.  He said it occurred on a hot summer day while he walking home from fishing at Mt. Creek Lake.  It was so hot outside he said "Lord I sure would like a  Nutty Buddy ice cream right now".  He said a few moments later an ice cream truck drove by him and hit a bump as it was going up the hill on Skyline Drive. The bump caused the back door on the truck to open and a whole box of Nutty Buddy ice cream cones slid out the back of the truck.  The box landed just 5-ft from where he was standing. The truck kept going up the hill and the driver was unaware what had happened.   

Joe said that truck was caring all kinds of ice cream bars, popsicles, bullets, Eskimo pies.....but it was the Nutty Buddies that fell out.  He asked God for one and he got 12. 

That was enough to convince him that God and prayer were for real. 

Joe then read  Deuteronomy 5:27 to segue to the next story.

Deuteronomy 5:27
Go near and listen to all that the Lord our God says. Then tell us whatever the Lord our God tells you. We will listen and obey.”

Joe then told us about the time he was fishing on Lake Waxahachie.  It was one of those rare days when the conditions were just right for catching, and catching they were doing....all the fish were being caught in this one particular spot.  It was so good of a spot that there was not much that would get him to leave, but God was talking to him.  Not in a typical conversation way but God gave him a sign that there was something wrong on the lake, and he needed to leave his hot fish spot.  Well, he left and headed toward the swimming hole and found 7 high school kids attempting to swim across the lake.  Five of the seven were on the verge of drowning because they were so exhausted. He loaded five of them up and took them back to shore.  Two of the seven were in good shape and they refused to head back to shore.  After Joe dropped the 5 off, he went back to the hot spot and resumed the fantastic fishing.  A short time later he receive another sign that things were not right with the two boys that he did not pick up. So he pulled up again and left to check on them.  He found them on the verge of drowning......they were so weak that they could not even get in the boat.  Joe saved all 7 because he received a sign from God that someone was in trouble and needed his help.   

Joe read his favorite passage.

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Reggie closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed.

Ray Roberts - April 27, 2013    6:30 am - 3:30 pm

This is Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden's house! They own every 1st place on this lake. Since 2006 the club has fished this lake 3 times and every time the Crouch/Walden family hit a home run. This year was no exception. Joe and Darrell take first again with 13.27 pounds.  They caught the winning sack on magnum red bug zoom lizards, sidewinders June bug (almost black looking), and finesse June bug worms.  Fishing the state park cove, the first fish (a 4.85 pound kicker) was caught at 8:30 am. They caught about 2 fish an hour and all their keeps came from a 200 yard stretch in 3-8 ft of water.  Their last big keeper was caught by Darrell at 2:00 pm.  They took home $451.00.

Congratulations to Jim Love! He caught big bass of the tournament on a watermelon red lizard.  It weighed 7.84 pounds and was good for $112.00.


The air temperature was 61 and dropping.  By 11:00 am it hit 59 degrees.  The sun came out around 2:00 pm and started to warm things up.  We hit 71 by the end of the tournament.  The water temperature was 63. The winds blew hard out of the WNW and NW 15 MPH with gusts to 19. Some anglers reported they have never seen the lake so rough.  At 2:00 pm the winds calmed to 3 mph.    There was full moon the night before. The barometric pressure started out at around 30.03 climbing to 30.12 by 1:00 pm and then fell to 30.05 at the end of the tournament.  The skies were cloudy until 2:00 pm. The water clarity was clear to muddy depending on where you were at.  We launched out of the Sanger Marina ramp and it was in great condition.  We have had cold spring this year and no one reported seeing fish on beds in the shallow water.  Many think the spawn was going on, but in deeper water.  


30 teams fished
13 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
8 teams zeroed
57 fish were weighed in with a weight of 183.64 pounds
3.22 pounds was the average fish weight

1st Big Bass: Jim Love...................................7.84-lb  $112.00
2nd Big Bass: Albert Love.............................5.40-lb    $37.00

1st place team: Joe Crouch / Darrell Walden..................13.27-lb  $451.00
2nd place team: George Walker / Brandon Wooddell.....11.97-lb  $262.00
3rd place team: David Butler / Gene Dodson..................11.78-lb  $157.00
4th place team: Albert Love / Tony LeCount..................11.31-lb  $105.00
5th place team: Charley David........................................11.20-lb    $73.00

Full results:  (see the Ray Bob tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)

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Also see the pictures on our facebook page.


The 2nd big bass was caught by Albert Love on a watermelon candy red baby brush hog......Charlie David placed 5th using watermelon red lizards......David Butler and Gene Dodson placed 3rd using zoom trick worms.......George and Brandon placed 2nd on watermelon red flukes and of course a jig.........Noah Ray had a 8 and 5 pounder break off at the net on crank baits. Ouch!.......Tim Casbeer thought the lake was still a slot lake........Brandon and George forgot to set their alarm clock................We had a new team join up.  Welcome Ralph Gomez and Bruce Griffith! Also welcome Zachary Hayden!............Al Kohutek and Jon Griffin caught their 2 big bass during the first 30 minutes of the tournament on C-rig lizards over a weed line 10 feet off a sandy point.  Their third keeper was caught on a buzz bait over a shad spawn next to the bank........Al and Doyle both caught a crappie.....Darren Coslin lost a 10 pounder and that made him sick..........Jon Griffin would neither confirm or deny that he was trailering to Buck Creek.........Thanks to Charley for having a chest full of ice cold water at the weigh-in.


Congratulations to Danny Stokes and David Lewis! They boated 6.52-lbs beating Mike and Joey Aman.  Danny and David get free entry in the May tournament at Lake Athens.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:  


Joe Lee led the devotional.  He started out with a recap of the last tournament.  Scratching his head, he could not figure out what went wrong on Richland Chambers.  He and Mike weighed in just one bass and he asked the question "Just how much control do we have over fishing?"  He said "I have fishing skills" (evident by the 3 angler of the year titles), "but those skills don't always mean I am going to win the tournament". 

He then asked us to think about any action movie where there is a villain and a good guy.  The good guy usually has crime fighting skills, but he always has a sidekick who has his back.  That sidekick usually takes a bullet or helps them get through a tight spot when the going get rough. 

Joe said we all have a bullet with our name on it and Jesus is our sidekick that's going to take the bullet for us and with God's grace we will overcome the villain. 

Joe then quoted his pastor. "The only need to be a recipient of God's grace is to know you need it. The only thing you have to have to receive God's grace is nothing, but so few have."

Joe's quote reminds us of Ephesians 1:7-8

In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding.

Charley then asked if we had any prayer request and Mike Callahan asked us to pray for Jason Pack.

Joe Crouch closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed.

Richland Chambers – March 23, 2013    7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Al Kohutek and Jon Griffin almost break the club record with 20.02 pounds!  1st place stringer, 2nd place big bass, and winning the Head-to-Head competition nets them a $581.00 pay day.  Their big bass was caught on a twin tail grub under a dock at 7:30 am and the other 2 bass were caught next to some rocks on the north end of the lake using C-rigs and glitter gold zoom baits around 11:00 am.   
Brandon Wooddell catches big bass of the tournament!  It weighed 8.31 pounds and was good for $120.00.  He caught it on a Storm swim bait around 11:00 am.  Brandon said after he caught the bass, it spit up an 8 inch yellow bass.  Brandon and George Walker also took 5th place team and caught the rest of their limit on C-rigs. 


The air temperature was 48-53 and the water temperature was 59-60. The winds blew all directions starting out NE, then ENE, EAST, SE, ESE, SSE, Calm, ESE, NW, and finally SW up to 12 mph. The lake level was about 4.5-ft low.  The water clarity was kind of murky.  There was almost a full moon the night before. The barometric pressure was flat at 29.80, then at 9:00 am it climbed to 29.86.  At 11:00 am it started falling to 29.71.  The skies were cloudy with sprinkles. There was a heavy rain at 2:30 pm. We launched out of Oak Cove Marin.  The water was so low that only one side of the boat ramp was usable.  There was an $8 launch fee and a nice restaurant at the marina. 


32 teams fished
19 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
5 teams zeroed
67 fish were weighed in with a weight of 228.88 pounds
3.45 pounds was the average fish weight

1st Big Bass: Brandon Wooddell…………….8.31-lb  $120.00
2nd Big Bass: Al Kohutek...............................7.73-lb    $40.00

1st place team: Al Kohutek / Jon Griffin...........................20.02-lb  $481.00
2nd place team: David Butler / Rico Nicholas...................17.98-lb  $280.00
3rd place team: Doyle Ray...............................................16.01-lb  $168.00
4th place team: Dondi Markgraf / Kirk Margraf................14.69-lb  $112.00
5th place team: George Walker / Brandon Wooddell........13.60-lb    $78.00

Full results:    (see the Richland tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)



2nd place team Rico Nicholas and David Butler caught their amazing 18-lb sack on jigs and C-rigs. It was hard to believe that this was a second place stringer!........3rd place team Doyle Ray caught his 16 pound sack on jigs, crank baits, and chatter baits. He also caught 17 hybrids stripers over 5 pounds at the dam..........4th place Margraf team caught their bass on c-rigs..............Misty Edwards caught a big catfish on a rattle trap.......Reggie thanked the rain and no rain coat for their limit......About 1/2 way to the lake, Joe and Mike forgot the scales and had to turnaround and drive back to the house to get them......Jon Griffin lost reverse on his outboard.  He also got ants in his paints on the drive home.........Kyle Barfield had to leave at 11:00 am so he could make a friend's wedding (must have been his best friend to leave a tournament when the fishing was hot).....Darren Coslin was the closest to guessing the winning weight on facebook.  He won a club decal........Doyle Ray is the man on top!  He is leading the points race by 1.95 pounds.......The next tournament is at Ray Roberts. 


Congratulations to Al Kohutek and Jon Griffin!  They took on Harrison VanCleve and Terry VanCleve. Al and Jon get free entry in the April Tournament at Ray Roberts.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:  


Jon Griffin led the devotional.  He started out with an introduction and told us about how he follows scripture posts from Bassmaster Pro Alton Jones on facebook.
He read two of Alton’s most recent scripture posts:
John 16:33 
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the Lord
    will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.
Jon said life will be tough, but trust in God and he will get you through it.  He told us a story using an analogy.....“You have boarded a flight at DFW airport and you’ve smartly requested an exit row seat.  Not only to have extra leg room, but to have 1st access at the exit door in the rare case of a problem. 
A few minutes after takeoff, you’re cruising at 30,000’ and the flight attendant makes her way down the aisle, and whispers to you that soon the aircraft will be experiencing major mechanical problems.  She tells you at 25,000’ you’ll need to jump from the plane to survive.  This airplane is definitely going to crash and everyone in it will all die.  She then offers you a parachute backpack which you very gladly accept, then strap on, and strap on tight.

A funny thing happens.  It starts to feel a bit cumbersome, it’s hard to sit up straight, your lower back is starting to ache. Then other passengers notice and start pointing, talking, and mocking you.  Regardless what they say, you have an incredible peace and joy and amidst the discomfort and strange looks.  Your thoughts are this plane is going down, and you are going to survive!  Then the flight gets bumpy and really rough.  Your PEACE & JOY increases, as the rest of the passengers start to become anxious & terrified.

The flight attendant now is walking down the aisle with a large pot of boiling hot coffee.  As she walks by you, she stumbles and dumps the entire pot of boiling coffee directly on your lap.  You reaction is obvious.   You scream in agony, but do you unstrap the parachute and throw it to the ground and blame it for your pain?  Of course NOT!  You pull the straps even tighter…now looking forward to jumping out of that plane.  You are in intense agony but the parachute is strapped tightly to your back continues to bring you PEACE & JOY.

I’m sure you can see the LIFE analogy I’m making here.  Everyone one of us standing here today on the shores of Richland Chambers are on this plane that is destined to crash. 

The spiritual backpack parachute is a free gift by faith in Jesus Christ. It’s yours, but it will do you no good unless you strap it on your back.  If your parachute is stowed in the overhead bin, it’s worthless." 
Ephesians 6:13
 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground
Jon asked us all to strap on our spiritual parachute.  The absolute guarantee is the flight is going to get really bumpy, but take heart, this is the promise…..Jesus Christ has your back!"
Charley David then closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed



Lake Palestine - February 23, 2013    6:30 am - 3:30 pm

Congratulations to Bryan Barfield and Kyle Barfield! They sacked up 14.65 pounds and caught the big bass of the tournament. The 7.34 pound hawg was caught early on a c-rig fluke in shallow water.  They fished behind and around the Kickapoo bridges.  Total take home was $752.   


It was a cold week leading up to the tournament and a cold morning to kickoff the 2013 season.  The air temperature was 34-58 and the water temperature was 50-54. The winds were calm to 7 mph but at 2 pm the wind picked up to about 12 mph with a few gusts. The wind direction shifted several times during the tournament....blowing north, northeast, and finally northwest.  The lake level was almost full at 344.10 ft (0.90 feet below full pool of 345.00).  The water clarity looked about normal.  There was almost a full moon the night before. The barometric pressure started out at around 30.04 climbing to 30.06 by 7:00 am and stayed flat until around 11:00 am, then started falling to 29.98 by weigh-in.  The skies were clear and sunny, no dew, and no fog. We launched out of the Villages Marina and the ramp was in great condition with plenty of parking and a place to beach your boat.  All but 1 of the winning sacks came from Kickapoo. Most thought the fishing was tough and that was evident looking at the how many teams zeroed.


40 teams fished
14 limits were caught (a limit is 3 bass 14 inches or greater)
11 teams zeroed
65 fish were weighed in with a weight of 195.64 pounds
3 pounds was the average fish weight

1st Big Bass: Bryan Barfield................................7.34-lb  $150.00
2nd Big Bass: Doyle Ray.....................................6.09-lb    $50.00

1st place team: Bryan Barfield / Kyle Barfield...................14.65-lb  $602.00
2nd place team: Brandon Slavak / Jeremy Elliott................13.71-lb  $350.00
3rd place team: Jeff Harrington /  Rick Newton.................13.29-lb  $210.00
4th place team: Mike Thurman / Joe Lee...........................12.94-lb  $140.00
5th place team: George Walker / Brandon Wooddell........11.98-lb    $98.00

Full results:  (see the Palestine tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet)



Doyle Ray
 had a nice sack.  He also had the 2nd big bass of the tournament and it was caught on a chatter bait up in Kickapoo.......Brandon Wooddell and George Walker placed 5th and were the only winning team not to fish in Kickapoo.  They loaded up on Jigs fishing mid lake and in "Old Folks"......Joe Lee and Mike Thurman took 4th on June bug lizards in Kickapoo.......Jeff Harrington and Rick Newton caught the 3rd place sack using red rattle traps........Brandon Slavak and Jeremy Elliott took 2nd throwing spinner baits. Another round of congratulations needs to go out to these guys. They won the Ennis Bass Club tournament the next day on Palestine with a 9.55 and 6.32 pounder!...........Jon Griffin's 4-lb bass somehow jumped out of the livewell on the ride back to the launch ramp. Luckily it landed back in the boat. He caught his on a speed craw way in a Kickapoo creek.........Several of us ate at the Purple Pig in Flint the night before. They had some pretty good BBQ............ A few teams lodged at the  Lake Palestine Motor Inn. The rates were reasonable and it was only 8 miles to the launch ramp.........Joe Crouch got his first scratch on the new trailer......Tim Casbeer had motor issues and left early.....Mike Thurman and Joe Lee were towed in by the winning team.........Charley's dog must have ate some chili or something because it pooped all over his boat.......Al Kohutek and John Hayden got their props eaten up by the Kickapoo stumps and several guy busted or bent their trolling motors during practice.......Mike Callahan hired a guide that put him on some hot spots a few weeks before the tournament. All the cold weather we got just before the tournament must have given those fish lockjaw.....Jon Hayden had a nice 9-lb sack but was late to the weigh-in by 2 minutes........ It's a good thing we have 7 more tournament left because a lot of us have some catching up to do!


Congratulations to  Joe Crouch and Darrell Walden! They boated 5.62-lbs beating Pat McCaskil and Hubert Smith's 2.30-lbs. Joe and Darrell get free entry in the March tournament at Richland Chambers.

See the Head-to-Head tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet:


Charley David led the devotional.  He spoke on an topic that was close to his heart and that was the Lord's Love and Grace. 

He wanted to make it clear that the only thing you need to be saved is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior.  That's it! 
Then we try and follow in his footsteps.

Charley said another misnomer is that when we become Christians that we have to give up the good life.  He said he has never known anyone who had to give up the good life. 

God wants to have a personal relationship with us....ask for advice and forgiveness.

Charley's devo was about love and he read 2 scriptures.    

1 John 4:8

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Charley said love is the what the club is all about. It's the club's main focus and no matter who wins, no matter who cuts us off, no matter who does us wrong, we need to follow in Christ's footsteps and love them. 

Jon Griffin then closed us with a prayer and we were dismissed.



For more information about the Bass Club email or contact Charley David at 214-878-3354



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