1. Rules: The decision of the Tournament Director is final in all matters. All protest must be received within 15 minutes of the scales closing.
  2. Registration:

I.                 New teams not sponsored by a member - New teams not sponsored by a member are required to register and pay for 2 entry fees the morning of the tournament. Contact Charley David by phone a few days before the tournament to be logged in the system.  Membership forms http://www.cowboychurchbassclub.org/registrationform.pdf and a $10 membership fee for both teammates are required with the entry fee payment due at registration.   Special circumstances can be cleared thru the Club leader.

II.              New teams sponsored by a CCBC member - New teams sponsored by a member can register the morning of the tournament if the sponsor is present. New member forms and the fees are due at registration.

III.            Teams with membership status – Teams with membership status can register the morning of the tournament.

IV.            Registration times - All teams are required to meet at launch site 30 minutes prior to Tournament briefing/prayer. If unforeseen circumstances occur and you are running late, call your division leader. Late anglers are required to launch at the weigh-in site (no trailering for late anglers). Do not launch during the tournament briefing and prayer.

  1. Entry Fee:  $75 per team. 
  2. Membership and Registration Fees:

I.              Anglers who fished in 2 or more CCBC tournaments in the prior year are automatically members in the current year and are not required to pay a registration fee. 

II.            Anglers who fished in 1 or less CCBC tournaments in the prior year are required to pay the annual $10 registration fee and are considered new members regarding the registration process.

III.          New member registration forms are available at  www.cowboychurchbassclub.org/registrationform.pdf    

IV.          Sponsors – A sponsor is a member of the club in good standing that has the club’s best interest in mind. A sponsor has fished 3 or more tournaments in a given season.   

  1. Participation/Eligibility: All CCCBC tournaments are open to all anglers, although, anyone under 18 years of age must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian.
  2. Pre-Tournament Practice: All tournament lakes will be off limits the Monday preceding the tournament date. No contestant may be on tournament waters during the off limits days for any reason.
  3. Trailering: Will be allowed but only after meeting at set weigh-in site. Everyone must meet at weigh-in site before the start of the tournament.
  4. Scoring: There is a 3 fish limit per team. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, or Spotted Bass 14 inches or greater will be weighed in. (slot lakes will be determined length) Any team bringing to the scales a bass under the 14 inch limit will be charged 1 pound penalty and any team bringing in a dead fish will be charged pound penalty. No under size fish will be weighed. (on slot lakes all fish must be of stated length).
  5. Fish Care: Fish must be kept in aerated live wells (no stringers or baskets). If a fish dies in the livewll, it cannot be returned to the lake.
  6. Points: Will be awarded as follows: Winner receives 200 points, 2nd place receives 199 points, 3rd place receives 198 points, 4th place team receives 197 points, etc. All teams that do not weigh in a bass will receive the same points as the last team to weigh in a bass minus 10 points. If there is a tie for the AOY, the big bass of the year will be the tie breaker. The club will drop the points from the lowest tournament on all teams.
  7. Classic Tournament:

I.                 Any team that has fished 3 or more CCBC tournaments during the year is eligible to fish in the classic. If you have a partner switch, the substitute partner must also have fished in 3 tournaments this year.

II.              Pro-rata entry fee is as follows: $50 entry fee per team if the team has fished in 5 or more tournaments. $60 entry per team if the team has fished in 4 tournaments. $70 entry per team if the team has fished in 3 tournaments.     

III.      $10 from each of the team’s entry fees throughout the year will be set aside to help fund the Classic Tournament.

IV.      There will not be an entry fee for the Top teams based on AOY points and club participation.
     035 total club entries throughout the year = the top 1 team gets free entry
     070 total club entries throughout the year = the top 2 teams gets free entry
     105 total club entries throughout the year = the top 3 teams gets free entry
     140 total club entries throughout the year = the top 4 teams gets free entry
     175 total club entries throughout the year = the top 5 teams gets free entry
     210 or > total club entries throughout the year = the top 6 teams gets free entry   

V.      This is a two day tournament. 

              Day 1 - 3 fish limit

              Day 2 - 5 fish limit   

  1. Late penalty: Any team not at the official weigh-in site by the appointed time will not be allowed to weigh their fish. Exceptions will have to be cleared through the Bass Club Committee.
  2. Start/Stop Times: During normal tournaments, all tournament start fishing times will be at safe light and end fishing times will be at 3:30 p.m., (You must be in the weigh-in line by 4:00 p.m.) No fish will be weighed after 4:00 p.m. No fish will be weighed before 3:30 p.m. Tournament times are subject to change due to lake conditions or the weather.   
  3. Safe Boating: Safe boating will be observed at all times. Each team member must wear a fastened, U.S. Coast Guard approved, personal flotation device when the gas motor is running. All boats must be equipped with some type of emergency ignition cut-off device (kill switch) on any remote steered outboard while main engine is in use. Ignition cut-off device (kill switch) must be attached to boat operator at all times while main engine is in use. Kill switch must operate properly. When the kill switch is activated; the outboard main engine must stop running immediately. However, kill switches are not required with hand operated engines unless equipped with one when manufactured.
  4. Permitted Fishing Methods: All Bass must be caught alive in a conventional sporting manner from a boat. Only artificial lures may be used with the exception of pork trailers. Only one fishing rod at a time may be used. Trolling with the combustion engine as a method of fishing is prohibited. Your team may weigh in only fish caught by your team. More than one team can fish out of any boat but, sharing of fish will not be allowed.
  5. Sportsmanship/Conduct: All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, and conservation. We are fishing for fellowship and representing the Cowboy Church.
  6. Alcohol/Non-Prescription Drugs: The use of alcohol and/or any non-prescription drugs during any of the tournament hours or at the weigh-in site will result in total team disqualification and no fish will be weighed for that team on that day.
  7. Permitted fishing location: Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters, except areas designed “NO FISHING”, “NO BOATS”, or within 50 yards of another boat that is anchored with trolling motor out of water, or within 25 yards of another competitors boast unless otherwise agreed upon by other tournament angler.
  8. Winning Placement:  1 place per 5 entries with a maxium five places will be paid.  See http://www.cowboychurchbassclub.org/payouts.htm for percents.
  9. Polygraph: All Cowboy Church Bass Club prize winners are subject to a polygraph test.  Polygraph testing will be performed at the discretion of the Leadership Team at anytime.  Anyone who is required to take a polygraph must pass the test before receiving any prizes.  If a winner refuses to take a polygraph, he or she will be disqualified. Polygraph tests may or may not be administered the day of the tournament.
  10. Ties: All ties will be broken by the weight of the largest fish for the team, if still tied we will flip a coin unless the teams agree to split the pot. 

  11. Leaving the lake early: Anyone leaving the lake early before the end of the tournament must contact the Tournament Director to let him/her know that you are leaving early. This keeps us from searching the lake and looking for a boat in trouble. 
  12. ***Bass Cub Goals:*** To Glorify God, Create Fellowship, and bring people to know "God and His Word".



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